New drawings 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9! And a new Wallpaper!


After almost a year of being dead, savepoint will rise again! To be perfectly honest, I just didnt have the time or drive to update. But I can rebuild! I've added a lot of James stories to the James page and a wallpaper I made along ago that some may be interested in, I though I should try and be as nice as possible seeing how it took so damn long to update. I totally updated my gallery, man. New layout and some new pics.


Holy lack of updates batman! I've got alot of work that needs to be done and gaming fun that needs to be had so im really behind on my updates. Something soon, hopefully...


Two updates in a row. All thanks to a boring class. I put up a link for the James story. This is an ongoing project as well, be sure you'll see some updates lurking around there soon. I havnt had a chance to update the gallery because i'm applying for collage at the last possible second. All the pictures are scanned but i havn't made buttons yet (a long tedious task). Until next time!


Look at me! i dont update! Well, now i do. I put up a short story i'm using for english that i wrote in my LJ. Surprise, it's a James story. I havent put a legit link for it yet because im updating from class. but until the link appears, you can get it here
Note: New pics have been scanned. i just need to make some thumbnails and there will be updates-a-plenty.


Working on some more sketches for the site. Did a really good one in class today but im not gonna update until i have a signifigant amount of new stuff. possibly tomorrow.


Exploding dog has accepted my site on their links section! That should give me a little bit of traffic. Good times are abundant, no?


Make site launch now. I'm looking for a "shoutbox code, but alas, i know nothing about HTML and i'm trying in vain to make even this simple site work. Submitted the site to the Exploding dog links archive. I hope that goes well.